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  • Decorations and laser cut

Who we are

DELTA LASER is a company operating in the field of lasers, and provides a decoration, marking and cutting service for a wide range of materials and products.

The technological investments of the recent years and the experience gained in various industrial and manifacturing sectors, allow us to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

We are able to execute indelible markings of a few millimeters on the surfaces of objects of any material, logos, decorations, technical descriptions, barcode and qr code.

We provide cutting service on all non-metallic materials with dimensions of 2×1 metre long from paper to methacrylate with a thickness up to 10mm and on metals from a few tenths of a millimeter, such as titanium, steel and copper used in electronic sectors.

We produce wooden plates for packaging of brandies, wines, spirits, balsamic vinegars, oils, inserting organoleptic descriptions of the products

Among the innovations introduced by a few years, it is to highlight the technique of the colour change of the material, which allows to have a strong contrast between the markings and the objects on which they are made.

Services and products

We mark, decorate and cut

Cellulose acetates, methacrylates, acrylic, nylon, glass and mirror, leather, lorica, leather, alcantara, paper, cardboard, cloth, jeans, painted and rough wood, plywoods, cork, marble…

We mark and decorate

Stainless steel and painted steel; anodized, painted and raw aluminum, brass, carbon, galvanized and chromed metal.

Products we work

Frames of eyeglasses, shoe uppers, glasses, bottles, cardboard and wooden boxes, levers and accessories for boots, sports boots, motorcycle suit, details for coffee machines, key chains, pens, promotional gifts, doors of furniture, catalogs and samples, calendars, accessories for lighting, plates and labels, mechanical and hydraulic objects

Where we are

Contact us

Delta Laser s.a.s

di Callegari Simone & C.

Via Trevignano 8/A

31044 – Montebelluna (TV)

Tel/Fax 0423/614101 – Cell. 347 8137258

e-mail info@deltalaser.it






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